why farmers are protesting in india and ways to help

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Largest organized protest in history- over 280 million protestors

Al-Jazeera Article- "Why are thousands of Indian farmers protesting?"

Video Explaining the issue in Hindi

YouTube video explaining the issue by Vox (with hindi + punjabi subtitles)

Article explaining how this not only affects the farmers, but every single Indian citizen

Article by TheWire, All You Need to Know

Instagram post

Twitter thread

Video explaining the Causes and Consequences on Instagram

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this directly or indirectly impacts you.

Here are some slides that show the products you consume originate from India, and the hardwork of Indian farmers

Do you consume these? basmati rice, wheat, barley, lentils, cane sugar, black tea, coffee, cereal, onions, peppers, oils, etc?
India 3rd largest producer of pharmasueticals and 2nd FDA approved plants supplier. Ingredients like turmeric acai berry extract
Check tags. india is the largest producer of cotton. More fabrics- silk, denim, synthethics, yarn, dyes.
70% of global spices come from India. Examples- Black pepper cinnamon cloves black sesame seeds cardomom himalaya salt ginger

source: d_raman on ig

Regardless if you source your food from Indian farmers, it is all our responsibility to help them. It is easy to seperate yourself from the issue, but that is not the right thing to do, especially with the increasing bias in media. The responsibility falls upon us to help farmers not because it impacts you, but because it is the human and right thing to do.

This may cause lower prices for you, but life-changing catastrophic effects for farmers. Please speak up and amplify the voices of these farmers.



Petitions don't really work in India, but they can still be signed to show a sign of support especially when you are not financially equipped to donate. Takes less than two minutes, this is the least that you can do

Please do NOT donate to change.org. It does not go to the petition maker.

Justice for Farmers of India by Gina Thakkar
Support our Farmers organized by Harman Singh
Farmer's Act Petition by American Skih Council

If you live in the US:

White House Petition: Request Federal Government to Expose Truth Behind New Farmer Laws in India & Protect Human Rights


For Canadians:

Letter template to contact your MLAs and the government


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26/01/21 (still updating):

On 26th January, the farmers marched to the Red Fort to protest the farm laws. Media continues to not report the incident and is demonizing the protesters who are rightfully expressing their freedom of speech.

Brutality of the Delhi police today, slashing tires and repressing protestors

Protesters are being tear gassed (which is illegal in warfare, yet somehow used against unarmed protestors?)

There is an internet blackout ordered by the government in the protest sites in order to silence the voices of the farmers.

Misinformation spread regarding the holsting of flags that is being used to anatagonize the protestors (the flag is sacred to Sikhism)

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On ground reports with English captions:
A Day at the Farmer's Protest
BBC Farmers Protest reports

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Black Lives Matter Carrd
Free Kashmir Carrd
Dalit Lives Matter Carrd